Homeless shelter operator shares how they were able to get rid of bed bugs

Hello everyone, we know that we have a lot of readers who run a shelter or other institution. We decided that it would be better if we will have a guest writer that can share her own story of how they successfully get rid of their bed bug infestation. Let me give the floor to Jenna.

Hi ExterminatorForBedbugs readers! I’m Jenna and I operate a homeless shelter together with my husband. So every winter, we open our shelter to homeless individuals and families who needed a place to stay even just for a night. We accept short term stay and long term stay.

Struggles of running a homeless shelter

Running a shelter means providing the necessities of your residents. We provide foods, bedding, blankets, pillows, place they can shower and so much more. Though our budget is limited we tried our best to give them comfortable stay.

Aside from the necessities mentioned above, we also need to set aside certain budget for buying pesticides. Running a homeless shelter for years and we can really say that having bed bugs is inevitable.

Bed bugs come from external sources and no matter how much our staffs clean our facility, there would still be bed bugs roaming around. You see, a lot of people come and go in our shelter. They are from different place and environment. We don’t have a detector to know if someone is carrying a bed bug and I am not sure if there is a detector like that but I hope you get my point.

Since we only open our shelter every winter, it is also harder for the bed bugs to die. FYI, bed bugs metabolism slows down in cold environment and they can still live without host for months. Also, hiring an exterminator means using a heat facility to kill the bed bugs. That would mean using our reserve power to heat the entire facility. And that would also result for are electric bill to drastically went up.

Next is the hassle of evacuating your residents every time, I mean every.single.time that there is an infestation. The hassle of transferring everyone to a new room. Thinking of where to place them. Worst case scenario, sending them back to the street if there is no available room for them to stay during treatment.

Most if not all bed bug spray uses chemical ingredients that are harmful to our health. When we do our treatment, we ALWAYS have our residents evacuate to a different part of the facility because we don’t want them to be expose to harmful chemicals specially the children. There were times that we don’t have enough room for them to transfer and we didn’t have a choice but to send them back to street.

Lastly, re-infestation. We used tons and tons of bed bug treatment but none of them worked when it comes to preventing another infestation. Bed bugs will be killed after all the chemicals and heat treatment but they will still be there after a few weeks.

What helped us from those problem?

Let me introduce to you guys the one product we’ve been using since then! This product is so effective that we always recommend this to our friends and we also use this in our home.

The product that helped us with our bed bug infestation is Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray. This product was recommended to me by a family friend. They use this at their home and I thought maybe we can use it in our facility as well. So I did and it did not disappoint us. It is so effective we can proudly say we are bed bug free!

So here are things that you will also experience when you have the chance to try Green Bean Buddy Bed bug spray.

1. Say goodbye to evacuation

We really hate when we need to evacuate our residents because that means they also need to carry their bags and other belongings to the room they will be staying. And did you know that bed bugs follows their host? That means when we evacuate them, there is a chance that the bed bugs will be transferred too and can create another infestation to the new room.

2. Say Yes to natural ingredients!

Yes! Green Bean Buddy uses natural ingredients on their bed bug spray. That means it is safe to use around kids, pets and even livestock. As a operator, we don’t have to worry about the health of our residents now because we are sure that they are safe whenever we use Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray.

3. Happier Staffs

Our staffs are now happier because they only need to do spot treatment on areas where bed bugs are hiding unlike before that they needed to spray directly to bed bugs. That’s because commercialized bed bug sprays that we were using before were mostly contact killers. Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray on the other hand have a residual treatment. That means it will immediately kill bed bugs and as time pass by. Bed bugs will kill other bed bugs because that’s how it works.

4. No more re-infestation

When we started using Green Bean Buddy bed bug spray, we noticed that we seldom have re-infestation again. Thanks to the residual treatment that this product have. It is so effective we don’t have to worry about new residents or guests that come to our facility. Bed bugs come from external sources but since we are using a bed bug spray with residual treatment, we are confident that “new comers” of bed bugs will get killed in no time.

As a matter of fact, Green Bean Buddy did a 12 month residual field test to make sure that it is effective. The test shown great results and there were no bed bugs seen in the hospital and museum where they did the test after 12 months.

Try it for yourself!

If you are not yet convinced of how awesome and effective Green Bean Buddy’s bed bug spray is, you can go ahead on their website and order a small one so you can try it out. If you are frustrated just like we were before, I really hope that this product can help you!

Thank you ExterminatorForBedBugs for having me. Till next time!



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