Why backpackers prefer hotels?

Traveling is so in right now. Millennials often prefer to travel than to save for a house or a car. They like to earn experience rather than money. And they always live by “you only live once” perspective in life. Travel as much as you can, as long as you can!

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But how can these millennials who are most just graduated university or just had their first job able to afford traveling? The answer is simple, they become practical. Gone are the days of booking a tour package, they DIY their itineraries now. Also, instead of staying in a high end hotel, they book cheap hotel rooms to save some bucks.

Millennials love to travel and want to live like locals. In one study, it was shown that millenials who have to spend extra money will most likely spend it on travel during holidays to experience local activities and live like a local during holiday.

How cheap are hotels?

We are not talking about the price here but the experience you will get when you booked a room on cheap hotels.

1. You get to sleep with 15 other people in the same room

If you are so used to sleeping alone in your big ol’ room, then be prepared when staying in a hotel. Sleeping in a hotel means you get to share the room with different people from different part of the world. You will sleep in a bunk bed and if you are lucky, the one on top will be snoring all throughout the night.

2. Chance to have foot fungus

Booking a hotel doesn’t stop with bedroom sharing, you will most likely be sharing bathrooms to. When different people are sharing one shower room, the last thing you want to get is foot fungus. Be ready by bringing your own shower shoes when.

3. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are the worst enemy of backpackers. Cheap hotels and even high end hotels can have bed bug infestation. But since you booked a cheap hotel room, there’s a higher chance that the bed you are using is already infested of bed bugs. Different people have used that same bed and they maybe the one who brought bed bugs but who knows? When traveling, it is good to have sleeping bag liner to avoid contact with the bed. Also, don’t put your stuff on the bed because bed bugs are known hitchhikers and you might brought it home. And the last thing you want as a souvenir are bed bug bites.

Get their attention!

Traveling is fun and can give you lots of experience about life but don’t forget to let the landlords know if you see something strange about your bed. By strange we mean bed bugs who roams around. Bed bugs are very hard to get rid of and you don’t want to take it home. Do you? So get their attention and ask them to make a move on getting rid of it just like this homeless shelter operator did.


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