New homeless shelters to open soon

We love it every time we hear that a new homeless shelter will open. That would mean a lot of homeless people will have a chance of having a place to stay at, bed to sleep in and food to eat.

Women’s homeless shelter

A new shelter specially for women is opening this week. It is great that there are operators who are willing to accept women only.

“We expect the house to be full, the need is so great; we expect to be full by next week, if not by this week,” said Barbara Nyboer, manager of Grace House.

Source: Herald Review

Grace House will accommodate 8 to 10 women. It is funded privately by local churches and donors. Freedom Assembly of God church donated the building.

Grace House has a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. The house will also have a TV and a computer, Nyboer said.

It is their goal to make the space as comfortable and homey as possible. They want to make the women feel safe and secure as they begin to rebuild their lives.

“We provide shelter, food, clothing, spiritual underpinnings, give them self-confidence and worth and reference them to different services for help,” she said.

Another new Astoria Homeless shelter

Helping Hands, the new homeless shelter  could open in Uniontown as early as July. They entered into an agreement with the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority to purchase a building on Marine Drive.

Helping Hands is looking forward in providing up to 70 beds in a dorm-style setting. Most of these beds would be to people that are enrolled in the nonprofit’s re-entry programs. Some of the beds will then be used for emergency shelter.

Having these new shelters open their doors to homeless individuals and family is great but can’t help but think the possibility of these shelters to have bed bug infestation.

I know you guys are already aware that bed bugs come from external sources. Since these two shelters will be accepting new residents any time soon, that would mean different people will enter the shelter and some of them might be carrying bed bugs.

I hope not but bed bug infestation is so common specially to homeless shelters. Just like this operator of a shelter facility who found a great product that helped them have their shelter be bed bug free.

Common problem of homeless shelters

We mentioned above that the most common problem of homeless shelter operators is bed bug infestation. Grace House and Helping Hands will be opening soon. A lot of people are about to visit these shelters and we hope that these two facilities are ready for any signs of bed bug infestation.

I wish that before they open, they will use a residual bed bug spray to act as shield so new comers of bed bugs will immediately get killed. This way, infestation can be prevented. Residents don’t have to worry being bitten by these nasty pests every single night.

Operators offer shelter to these beautiful people and I hope they are ready for any kind of infestation.




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